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Any investment in the Forex market requires proper assessment of risk taking. This is a highly uncertain market so one must be prepared for both the high level of returns and loss. This characteristic of the forex market should be understood very carefully if one wants to invest in them. If you have crunch of resources then this is not the ideal way to invest your money. Here you might lose a significant or a complete part of your invested amount thus the ideal strategy would be to invest only the resources that you can afford to lose. If not then as our statutory warning exercise we warn you that is not responsible for any prediction made on the matters relating to your investment loss or profit. Thus it is very important for you to go through the conditions given in our terms and conditions before subscribing to our services. They are as follows:

Warning on the supposed risk

There is a risk of loss in Forex Trading. We are not an investment adviser and information provided is not suitable we to be acted on as investment advice. You should obtain investment advice from an investment advisor before making any investment decision. We will not accept liability for any loss, damage or expense incurred or suffered by you spending if you rely on any information provided in making investment decisions. By reading any article or item on this website, you implicitly agree to the terms set forth above.

This is something very important to understand if you are planning to invest at the forex markets at the margin. The products traded here are highly risky in nature and thus if you do not understand the risks very well then do not go forward with your investment. The understanding of the market is very important before taking any form of risk. The speculative nature of the currencies are usually not understood by everybody so unless you do not understand fully, investment must not be made. If required take consultations from the people who understand these issues well but never invest with partial knowledge. does not hold any responsibility if you incur a profit or loss less or more than predicted. Moreover basing decisions on past results is also not right. Always keep in mind that the decision is yours so make it in the best possible way.

Warning of high risk investment

The investments as said before are highly risky and thus one has to be very careful regarding it. The investment by the investor should be made keeping in mind a variety of factors such as the objective behind such an investment, experience on such investments and lastly on how much risk you can sustain. This is something which is very important because if you do not have the required capacity to sustain the risk then we advise you not to take it. The risks are many in such investments thus take into notice all the possible ones and if you lack the knowledge then take advise of other independent investor regarding it.


Whether you, as a visitor or a registered user, follow or use any of the strategies, methods or signals provided, you do so entirely at your own risk. You should never invest money you can not afford to lose. You should also bear in mind that trading in Forex is a high-risk activity that may create losses greater than the amount of your investment. There are risks associated with utilizing an Internet based Forex trading signals system including, but not limited to the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connection. is not responsible for any communication failures or delays when the publish signals in member’s page via the Internet.


The performance in the market is by no means dependent on the past. Trading conditions are highly variant in nature and thus if you think that the outcome will be the same then you might be completely wrong also. Considering the speculative nature one may lose the entire principal capital invested by him or her. They should not invest the capital that would change their financial position. Thus place the capital that does not affect your financial standings, and the loss or profit is on the additional money.

Renewal policy

There is no policy of automatic renewal in our policy structure. We do not have any system that does automatic renewal with fees. If the client is willing to invest then he/she is free to do so after the expiry of the period by further payment.

Policy of refund warn its subscribers about no policy of refund for any reason. If one wants to terminate the service he can be free to do so also but no refund would be provided for it. is not responsible for any profits/ loss that one has incurred because of our signals. The markets do tend to enter at a lag phase at times thus leading to uncertain results. Moreover our signals is not fully accurate even. Our signals pattern may be change at any time. We hope your co-operation for the same. You must be agreeing to all the terms given above and also keep in mind that these investments are not suitable for all so be careful.

Timing change

With the change of market movements, at any time we can change our signals timing and style of signals.